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Hi all and welcome to the resource page. Here you will find links to Virus Vendors web sites, virus hoax web sites, and more. If you want something added here, please and hope you enjoy the sites we have to offer you. Note! SSI is not responsible for any third party links! See the privacy policy for more info!

Links for virus Hoaxes

Well. Have you heard of virus hoaxes? They are just as dangerous as real viruses are. They tell you to delete any file on your computer that they know is valid. One example is the sulfnbk.exe. Read more about Sulfnbk.exe from the Hoax Encyclopedia. You may also Read Symantec Security Response"s warning. You may also Read about sulfnbk.exe from the Virus Encyclopedia of Computer Associates as well. This is just an example of what"s out there. If there are any links that you would like to see put on this section, please Now, here are the main pages of the listings I have for virus hoaxes.

Links for virus Hoax Information

Symantec Security Response Hoax page"s Hoax encyclopedia Popups possible here! also has a virus page that links fr Truth About Computer Virus Myths and Hoaxes Warning popups here!
Computer Associates Computer Hoax and Encyclopedia page Computer Associates make a virus program called Etrust. See the virus section of links for the main page of this one. Thanks to for these links to this company. E-mail him to say thanks. Its you that provide me the links to these wonderful services.
Mcafee's Virus hoax page Mcafee has some good information although not the best virus company in my opinion, the virus hoax page should be useful.

Virus vendors

The following are resources for virus information. Viruses and worms are more dangerous than hoaxes because they can actually do damage like erase your hard drive, delete necessary files, and possibly reformat your drives without you issuing a command to do so! Please note again that we are not responsible for the links on this page, and I provide them as is. The copyright notice on their pages stand, etc. Please view the Privacy Policy for more information. Now for the links.

Links to Virus Vendors web sites

Central Command Want a good virus checker that I use? Central Command has it. Its called Vexira, and there are different versions. For the 9x versions, when a virus is detected while downloading or saving files, a DOS screen appears. Simply hit the letter E according to my dad to get out of it. If you are using 2000 or XP then there is a Windows dialogue that directs you on what to do.
Computer Associates Etrust Thank you to for this link. In the E-mail he sent to me, he quotes "They also have a searchable virus encyclopedia as well as a constantly updated info center page which details all of the new viruses that are detected with some very good technical details of them. The links to these resources are, for the virus info center and encyclopedia. These links are ones that have come in very handy to me over time. The Virus Encyclopedia has info on just about every virus you can think of including some hoaxes. There is even info on the old viruses like Michelangelo." Note that I put the links he gave me as click able links to the sites directly. Thank you Steve!'s virus information page is well known fir virus information and hoax information and the hoax link is found in the hoax section of this page. I haven't used it, but its available for you to use.
Trend Micro's Virus information and explanations page Trend Micro is another virus company. Hope this helps some.

Mcafee's Virus information page. Mcafee has a virus page. Check it out.

If any links are broken on this web page, please Contact SSI. You will get a 404 error and will direct you to go to the Main Superior Software web page. From there, you can click on support. Please Notify me about the broken link so that I may fix it. Thanks.

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