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Hi all. Here is an offer from Superior Software! Enjoy. There is no due date for this offer.

Are you tired of support people not treating you properly? Having a problem that can't be solved but you know it can be solved? Well. You may have found the place right here at Superior Software Inc. This company strives to make your support needs met. My name is Jared Rimer. I am here to help you with your technical support needs. I've been doing this for four years, and have been very successful. Come visit and click on support for more information and to sign up. You have nothing to lose. Support starts at $50 an hour. Different plans are available to you, so please look in to joining. If you refer people, you will get a $25 credit after they have completed 5 hours of service on the hourly or monthly plan! You must either notify me that you referred someone, or that someone has to mention you referred them upon signup. If you have questions, please call me at 818-703-0741 or E-mail Thank you.
If any links are broken on this web page, please Contact SSI. You will get a 404 error and will direct you to go to the Main Superior Software web page. From there, you can click on support. Please Notify me about the broken link so that I may fix it. Thanks.

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