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Hi and thanks for looking at pricing. This is the current pricing structure, but is subject to change.
  1. Premium Service - Monthly Billing
  2. Hourly Plan
  3. E-mail Plan

If I make a telephone call to return a telephone message left on the voice mail, or call to update support information to you, you will be billed an additional 10 cents per minute. For example, if you call me and I'm not home, and I return your call and it lasts 10 minutes, you will be billed $16.00 for the call; $15.00 for support and $1.00 for the telephone call. note If you are in the United States, effective immediately, if I return a call to you the fees above will be waved. This is because of unlimited long distance now being in effect. I do have the right to charge the above fees however if I'm on my cell phone or another household to where I need to use other means to return your call. I will let you know this before we proceed with the call so you are notified of this fact.

Billing will be done through Superior Software Inc. When replying if you chose to do so when first contacting us, we may ask for any of the following information:

  1. Name used on credit card
  2. Address used for credit card
  3. Mailing address
  4. Telephone numbers - home phone, business phone, cell phone, fax number
  5. Driver license, State, or other identification information
  6. Social Security Number
  7. Bank Name and Address along with Bank Account Number
  8. Credit card number

Please note, that you may cancel service on all plans. When you cancel from all plans except monthly, you will be canceled immediately! If canceling the monthly plan, please notify me ten (10) days before your billing cycle. Failing to do this will have another months service billed to you.
Superior software will not be liable for any over limit charges from your credit card. We take Visa and Mastercard only. If there are any price increases, we will notify you prior to the increase. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
If you do not have a credit card, we can arrange for a pre-paid account where you can pay me in advance for services. If you do not feel comfortable giving your personal information via E-mail, please call Superior Software Level one's customer service number at 866-824-7876. Follow the voice prompts. If I'm not available do leave a message and a call will be returned to you. Thank you.


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