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Outlook Express Folders

Hi all, glad you want to learn how to make folders in Outlook Express. There are several ways you can do this. In the file menu, located by pressing alt+f, look for the item called new. Then look for folder. Its shortcut key is ctrl+shft+e. Shortcut keys are keyboard command to get to something quickly. Anyway, it will have a dialogue box open to type a new folder name. Type the folder name and press tab. You can put the folder wherever you desire, within say the inbox, or outbox, but my preference is putting it in the local folder which is at the top of the list of folders. Then tab to OK and boom. A new folder is created. You can also do the same thing by going to the file menu, selecting folder, and selecting new. You can also select other options in that folder menu like move, rename, delete, compact, and compact all. To get to the list of folders, you will need to hit the backspace key when you are in any folder. I just tested this and it works. You can delete by pressing the delete key. You can rename by going to that item while the folder is highlighted. Note that if you have a filter or rule on the folder you renamed, you will have that folder recreated. Please update your filter. Compacting will allow the wasted space from the folder re-used by Outlook. If you have any questions please

You can also copy, move, etc. through the context menu found when you right click or hit either your context sensitive key or shft+f10. Your choices in this menu are: open, print, reply to sender, reply to all, forward, forward as attachment, mark as read, mark as unread, move to folder, copy to folder, delete, add sender to address book, and properties. The copy and move to folder option is a dialogue asking which folder you are going to move the messages to. I suggest mot putting the messages in the local folder. You'll never get to them. At least I don't think you will. The other options are self explanatory. Please contact me if you have questions.

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