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Filters with Outlook Express

Hello everyone. So you want to learn how to make filters with Outlook Express right? Well. Here is how to do it.

First, you need to know a few things. The filters are called rules and not filters. You can have rules for many things such as from, subject, to, CC, etc. I wouldn't recommend doing a from filter, cause if that person is on a list you're on, it will go to their folder. At least I think it will. You can try it and Contact me. Select support from the radio buttons. To initially get to the rules dialogue you will need to go in the tools menu. Under tools, select rule. There are several choices. Mail, News, and block senders are those choices in the small menu that pops up. You want mail so select that and press enter. Since there are so many choices when creating a filter, I'll give you those choices, and take you a simple filter which will give you a personal folder for your personal mail.

Let's get started. Are you on the mail option yet? Well if so, press enter and look at the dialogue. There should be a button for a new filter. Use your tab key to find it. Once you find it, press your space bar. Next, you should be in a big dialogue. There are several steps that you have to do. First, select the first action. Your choices are: from, subject, message body, to, CC (carbon copy,) to or CC, priority, specific account, message size is more than X size, attachment, secure, and all messages. Are you confused yet? Next, there is a tab to where you must select if you meet any of these specifications, do this to the message. Your choices are: Move to folder, copy to folder, delete, forward, highlight with color, flag, mark as read, mark as watched or ignore, reply with message, stop processing, do not download it, and delete it from server. Ok. After that, there are underlined values you must fill in. Press enter and it will direct you on what to do. So if you wanted to move it to the specified folder, then select that in step 2 above, then tab to move it and press enter. If you want the folder in the local folders, make sure that's highlighted by using your arrow keys and then tab to new and type your folder name.

After filling all the rule descriptions which you can change at any time, tab once more to the name box and give it a name so you can modify and change and/or delete it later. So, now let me give you the steps that you would use to make the personal filter.

Ok, so you are ready to make the filter or rule. Do this.

1. Hit alt plus t for the tools menu.
2. Hit r for rules and down arrow to mail and press enter.
3. Select new and tell it to have the option for the to field. Note we will use the as the example, use your real address when doing this.
4. In the next selection by tabbing, press the check mark on the move to specified folder.
5. Tab. In the "where the to" or CC contains people" as my filter is set up that way, press enter on that link. Its going to be a good idea, to put all of your addresses, and all you do is type in one address like and tab to add. It automatically puts that in to the rule. Do that with all your E-mail addresses and then press OK when done out of that dialogue.
6. Then down arrow once. You'll notice that instead of specify for the address, it has all your addresses in there. You can change and remove as needed later as you change providers. The next step is for you to select a folder. Where you see "move it to the specified folder" and specified is underlined, you will press enter. You are in the folder dialogue.
7. Make sure you are on the local folder and tab to new and type a folder name like personal mail.
8. Ok out of the new folder dialogue after giving it a name and hit OK out of the folder list. Tab once more and give your rule a descriptive name. Then OK out of that and hit escape to get out. If you wish, go to apply rule, select all rules, and then select apply now, and they will be filtered.

Congratulations! You just made your own filter! You may contact me if you have questions.

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