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Outlook Express accounts

Here, I will give you some pointers on getting Outlook Express working with your E-mail. These are generic instructions, not specific. The tips I'm giving you will work, but replace the examples I give you with the instructions you get from your ISP. For specific instructions, you must call your ISP and ask for technical support. With the incoming and outgoing servers in hand, please follow these instructions.
1. In the tools menu, there is an option for accounts. Please hit enter on that item. Once you see that dialogue, there are several tabs. You do not need to know what these tabs are for except that you can see all accounts, mail accounts, or news accounts. What you need to do is tab to the add button and press your space bar and not your enter key. There is going to be a context menu that you will make your choices. If you want to create a mail account, down arrow to mail and press the enter key. Then you can do many things with the account. For example, when you set it up, it asks for all the information that it needs like an incoming and outgoing server, your name, the user name and password etc. to be able to set it up. Remember! This is only a test account, and you should replace the fields with what your fields are going to be. I will assume now that you have the mail window open with the opening message.
2. Just press enter which will default to next. Then type your name as you would like to be known by. For example, Jason Smith. Then press enter or tab to next.
3. Then you will type your E-mail address. Note this is a bogus address, replace your real address with the bogus one. We'll use for the address so type that in and press enter.
4. Then after this, it will bring you a bit of a confusing dialogue. It is asking what type of setting would you like to use. The choices are pop3, Imap, and http. In the http setting it defaults to other, but you can set up Hotmail and it automatically knows how to set that up. To learn about Hotmail, click here to go there. If you select pop, put int or and for SMTP put in either or Remember to check with your ISP when filling this in.
5. Then after filling that in, you should be asked for the user name and password. Type them in to the appropriate boxes and then press enter.

6. Then you will be presented with a finished screen and enter your way out of it.

Other Information about accounts

There are going to be other options you may need to set and you can set those in properties of the account. By default it names the account your server name. My personal opinion is to change that to a more meaningful name like "my main account" but that is up to you.
You mayif you have any questions about any of these steps. You may also use the Contact page and select support for the radio button. Note that if you become a paying customer, you will get a quicker response than if you aren't so please look in to signing up.
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