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One note before we get started. To review an entry during setup, use your navigational arrow keys left and right. Your up or down arrow will read the edit boxes. Backspace will do just that, and allow you to correct any mistakes. Please contact me if you need help or you get stuck.

Setting up Eudora after installation

On your desktop, there should be a Eudora icon. Type the letter E until you find it, or double click its icon which is an envelope according to my assistant and helper of the pages A box will appear that will state "Eudora is not your mail client. Would you like to make it your default now?" If you are planning to use Eudora on a daily basis say yes, otherwise say no. After this, the account wizard comes up. Note that in Outlook Express, this was not the case. If you have used Outlook Express, you will see a page on what you can do like checking mail, creating new messages etc. This is not the case here. The opening screen shows the welcome message. Safely hit enter which will default next. You may also click this button. Note that the sighted can click these buttons, but the page is written for the blind in mind. Note! These instructions are according to version 5.2 of Eudora. If they vary, please contact me. When filling out the form, select support for the radio button. After hitting next, please follow the set of instructions below. If you do not follow these exact instructions, your account may not work properly.
1. We assume that you clicked or hit enter on next. The account wizard shows the account settings screen. There are two radio buttons. Remember that a radio button you can only select one. This is asking you whether you want to create a new account or import an existing one. If you select import, please contact me as I am not sure what it needs. If you are continuing with the new account which should be set as default press the enter key for next.
2. The next screen is the Personal Information window. Here, you need to type your name you would like to go by such as John Smith and hit next.
3. Enter your E-mail address such as substituting of course your E-mail address. We assume you already have one. After typing it in, please hit enter for next.
4. Your login name is next. This is usually filled in by default so press enter. If not, however, it is the first part of your E-mail address such as bogus. After verifying your login, please hit next.
5. Enter server information. This is sort of complicated. You need to know whether your server is a pop3 or Imap compatible server. You must already have this information. If not, please call your ISP to get this information before continuing. In this dialogue, you have an incoming server edit box, an outgoing server edit box, and a radio button. For this example, we'll assume that has the incoming server of and the outgoing server the same. Note! Some ISP's have and for incoming and outgoing servers. Type these in the appropriate boxes by tabbing through and hit enter on next when done. Remember that pop on the radio buttons is selected by default. If you have an Imap server, you will need additional information from your ISP.
6. hit enter on finish and you're done.
Note that for best performance, there is a folder list open by default. To turn this off, please do the following:
1. Hit alt+t for the tools menu followed by m for mailboxes.
2. Hit your context sensitive key or shft+f10 and select hide.
3. Open the inbox by hitting ctrl+1 (the number one on the qwerty keyboard) and close it by ctrl+f4. That's it.
If any links are broken on this web page, please Contact SSI. You will get a 404 error and will direct you to go to the Main Superior Software web page. From there, you can click on support. Please Notify me about the broken link so that I may fix it. Thanks.


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