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Setting up Eudora

Hello and thank you for having an interest in setting up Eudora. Below are very specific instructions for installing Eudora. My thanks go to for helping me with the process. Please write her and show your appreciation because this takes a very long time. Now, without any further ado, here is what you need to do.

We assume that you have the Eudora installer already downloaded. If not, please visit visit the Eudora Home page. You need to select from Mac or Windows. Then hit the download link and follow on screen prompts. If you get stuck, please If you already have the Eudora installer on your computer, and know where it is located, go there and start the installer. In most cases, it has the filename starting with eudora, so that's what you'll search on. The link has a subject line in it already, so just send the mail. If you go to the Contact page to fill out a form, select Support from the radio buttons.

Once you have started the installer, please follow the following instructions. Please note: if you do not follow the instructions exactly, you may render the program useless and will have to remove and try again.
1. You should be at a welcome screen welcoming you to Eudora. You can read the dialogue completely then press enter. If I say press enter from now on in these instructions, the default button is next.
2. Next, is the software license agreement. You must accept the licence agreement to proceed with installation. Failing to do this will abort the installation. To accept the license, tab over to the yes button and press enter.
3. Choose components. This is sort of tricky as this is a list box and if something is selected it has more than 0kb where 0kb is unchecked. Eudora is selected by default and so is the Purevoice player to play and record wave files directly in to Eudora. You do not need to worry about purevoice. It can be removed without harming Eudora's performance.
4. Choose program folder. If you would like to install to a different drive other than C, tab over to browse. If you want to accept the default press enter.
5. If you are running XP, you may change the data folder from your main drive, or put it in a different folder altogether. They recommend either one of two options, putting it in the default directory of Eudora, or a directory which I don't remember at this time. This is a radio button so only one choice can be selected. I suggest tabbing to the next button to continue. As far as I know, you can save your own text files that you create using the basic text editor in to that directory, but check with to verify and then let me know by You may also go to the Contact page to contact me too. Now on to the next step.
6. The next screen is the checking of selections. Read through the dialogue, and change things by tabbing to back and change options. If you are satisfied, and you didn't tab, press enter.
7. Create a shortcut is next. It is asking if you want a desktop shortcut for easier access. We recommend choosing this options so press enter on yes.
8. Eudora should already be entered as it is asking for a name for the shortcut. Press enter to default this selection.
9. In the installing additional components, there are two (2) options. One is quick time, the other is the asking to read the readme.txt file. If you don't want quicktime, and you don't want to read the readme file, tab to the check boxes (which are checked by default) and uncheck them and then tab to finish.
The above step should return you to where you were last at when launching the installer. If you have any questions, please see the contact page to find out how to contact me.
We are done with the installation of Eudora.
If any links are broken on this web page, please Contact SSI. You will get a 404 error and will direct you to go to the Main Superior Software web page. From there, you can click on support. Please Notify me about the broken link so that I may fix it. Thanks.


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